Zhi Tui Zuo
(Straight Legs Sitting)

The Straight Leg Sitting Method is specially designed to enable relaxation of the waist. There are a number of mental and physical activities comprising beginning, doing and ending activities. The sequence of activities are summarized below:


  1. Sit on floor with legs straight, back straight, pull in abdomen, feet touching. Try to bring knees together.
  2. Forward and reverse Crane Neck, then left and right Dragon Head (He Shou Long Tou) (do 3X).
  3. Place palms on ears, with fingers at the back of head. Tap head with fingers, index fingers first, followed by ring fingers, then middle fingers (do 3x).
  4. Tap head with index, middle and ring fingers at the same time (do 3x).
  5. Press both palms hard against ears. Pop out both palms suddenly.
  6. Place right palm over left palm (ladies reverse) on top of head. Rotate clockwise (left-front-right-back) (3x) and anti clockwise (3x). Focus on upper dantian.
  7. Press down on head (3x) and lift up (3x). Focus on upper dantian.
  8. Place middle fingers against back of ears. Rest index fingers on top of middle fingers. Use index fingers to tap ears three times. Return index fingers to top of middle fingers.
  9. Move index fingers upwards around the ears, front and then plug into ear cavities. Twist fingers deep into cavities, with palms facing forward. Vibrate index fingers. Pop out both fingers.
  10. Massage ears, pulling ear lobes downward.
  11. Place clenched fists inward close to the face, with little fingers pointing upward and finger tips in front of eyes at yintang (mid brow) level. Move outward slowly (to left and right) till little fingers disappear, then inward again (do 3X).
  12. Turn clenched fists and little fingers to horizontal position, with finger tips at eye position (palm facing inward). Move fingers upward till fingers are out of sight, then downward to eye level (do 3x). Move little fingers from eye level downward till out of sight, then upward to eye level (do 3x). Move outward about 30 cm, then inward (do 3x).
  13. Move index fingers downward along the nose to the cheeks (next to the nose). Using index fingers, massage (rotate) yin xiang inward (10x) and outward (10x).
  14. Move index fingers to nostrils. Massage the upper lip next to nostrils, inward (10x) and outward (10x).
  15. Interlock fingers of both hands, with left palm facing up and right palm down (called hunyuan Palm) at hunyuan Chiao position (upper abdomen, just below chest).
  16. Tap upper and lower teeth together: front teeth (50x), left teeth (50x), right teeth (50x), then front teeth again (50x).
  17. Using tip of tongue, rotate around gum (inner side of teeth) anti-clockwise (left-down-right-up) (50x) and clockwise (50x). Reverse direction for ladies.
  18. With tip of tongue, tap lower palate (50x) (imagine tapping at mingmen. Then tap upper palate (50x) (imagine tapping at tianmen). Lastly, tap the slit between closed upper and lower front teeth (50x).
  19. Churn mouth to produce saliva. Divide saliva into 3 portions. Swallow first portion on left side down to mingmen. Second portion swallow on right side down to mingmen. Third portion swallow directly down to mingmen.
  20. Separate hunyuan palm, rub palms together fast till hot and place palms on navel quickly. Take a breath, lift up huiyin and move navel toward mingmen. Quietly vocalise "hong". Do 3X.
  21. Hold both hands with palms facing upward in front of chest. Breathe in, rotate shoulder backward and upward. Breathe out, rotate forward and downward (do 8x).


  1. Place hands on knees.
  2. Breathe in slowly. When breathing in, pronounce "Yu-en" quietly, simultaneously lifting up huiyin and pulling in the navel toward mingmen. Imagine pulling shoulder joints down to mingmen and pulling up hip joints to mingmen. Second stage, pull knees and elbows to mingmen. Final stage, pull palms and soles to mingmen. All the above are done during breathing in.
  3. Breathe out and pronounce "Yi-e-ng" quietly. Relax the whole body.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for 30 mins to 2 hrs.


  1. Relax all joints from head to toe.
  2. Lift qi up diagonally and pour qi down the body. (Do 3x).
  3. Use tips of fingers to comb hair. Then gently tap the head with fingers.
  4. Use knuckles of both thumbs to rub upper eyelids outward towards temples (10x). Rub lower eyelids (10x). Then massage temples with lower palms (10x).
  5. Slowly pull up knees and stand up. Do three large waist turns, first to left, then to right. Do a set of Fu Shen Gong Yao (Module 2, Step 5).