Singapore Zhineng Qigong Society


By : AiZhen (6 months into practising Zhineng Qigong)

Since end of last year, my old injury of muscle tension particularly around the cervical area intensified and as a chain reaction aggravated my gastric, sleeping disorder issues and I was frequently in a drowsy and awful mood.

I have gone for Orthopaedics, TCM and Acupuncture treatments but have not seen much progress. I was also given drug for muscle relaxation, but this only relieves me of the pain for a short while. After a period of struggling, I found a couple of ways to alleviate my ailments. One way is practicing Qigong.

I was first introduced to Zhineng Qigong by my brother-in-law. I was initially skeptical. I have heard of Qigong but had very little knowledge of it. My perception of Qigong is that it is a very slow pace exercise for the elderly only (Note my number is not too high in term of age but neither am I a teenager J). Since I have been seeking ways to solve my neck and other issues, and it was highly recommended by my brother-in-law, I thought I should give it a try.

The Zhineng Qigong method involves learning how to regulate 'Chi' through various postures. From head to toes, shoulders, arms, waist, pelvis, feet and even up to the smaller body parts of wrist, palms and fingers. After each class, I felt energized. My stiff neck and shoulders are more relaxed and as a result, my head movement is better. Most importantly, up in the head, my mind seems to be clearer. Without the constant drowsy feeling, I can work and think more effectively. My sleeping quality has improved. So has my appetite and you know what, I have put on slightly over 1 kg of weight.

I have also learned that proper posture is very important to a person's health. I noticed that the flexibility of each of my body joint has also improved. My brother-in-law has also commented that he is not easily tired out as his stamina has improved.

Besides being thankful to my brother-in-law and sister for introducing and encouraging me to try Zhineng Qigong, I am grateful to my teacher - Mr Tan Eng King. He is a very experienced, dedicated and encouraging teacher who often explain things patiently and guide us on the proper steps to practicing Qigong. He has brought across to us that constant practising of Qigong will help the human body to heal itself.

Since I have benefitted from practicing Qigong, I would like to spread its goodness to the younger generation to join in this exercise. Do not have the conception that this exercise is meant only for the aged and it is slow and boring.  Break away from your busy lifestyle. Practise Qigong for the benefit of strengthening the body, refining consciousness, regulating breath, releasing stress and maintaining mind and body calmness. Of course in whatever we do, perseverance and patience are needed. And Zhineng Qigong teaches that too!

AiZhen 愛珍 / September 2007

By : Irene Chua

For many years, I have experienced body aches and stiffness in my neck and shoulders. I have sought different ways to cure these aches and stiffness. To name a couple, I took painkillers for pain relief and also sought treatment using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Though these methods did relief the pain, the aches and stiffness recurred after a few days.

In response to my complaints of body aches and stiffness, my friend recommended me to join the Zhineng Qigong Society where I took up Qigong. After completing 2 modules there, my condition improved substantially. The most effective exercise I personally feel is the head exercise, 'He Shou Long Tou Qi Chong Tian' which is practiced to relief neck aches and stiffness. Since I started regularly practising that exercise, I no longer experience stiffness in my neck and shoulders.

Thanks to my teacher, Mr Loi and Zhineng Qigong that I no longer experience such bad body aches and pains.

Irene Chua / October 2007

By: Henry K S Tan

Prior to doing Zhineng Qigong, I had suffered from extreme gastric reflux, and a very severe "frozen shoulder" condition.  Each time when I return from a business trip, I would experience extreme pain in my right shoulder, the result of lugging my laptop and luggage, and stress.  I have tried every possible medication for my reflux condition and physiotherapy for my shoulder, for many years without avail.

In less than 6 months into the learning and practice of Zhineng Qigong I had gained marked relief from both the reflux condition and the frozen shoulder. Today, I spend 30-60 mins each day practicing Zhineng Qigong before I go about my day. The exercise regiment prescribed by Pang Ming Laoshi not only strengthens my entire body but also provides relief to emotional stress and restores the calm about me. It is simple to do, and it can be done at anytime doing the day, wherever we are.  Whenever I feel like pains are about to recur, I would just add on another round of the Zhineng Qigong. I believe with discipline and constant application, Zhineng Qigong can provide the benefits to anyone.

I am happy to have met and learned from our excellent teacher Loi Laoshi, and am very grateful for the life changing experience.

Henry Tan / July 2009

By : Tina Lee

Qigong has given me new meanings in life. I was introduced by my mentor and initially I was rather skeptical of the benefits. Since I started, my health has improved and I feel more energised. What surprises me is the discipline I put into my practices. I have never been disciplined to finish any exercise classes or regime but feel amazed that I go to the Society 3 times a week for practice and put in 20 minutes of practice every morning.

Since I started, my colleagues have noticed that I am rather cool headed now in handling "heated" situations and of course getting into better physical shape. I find the practitioners in the Society friendly and feel so at home. I enjoyed my Module 1 and 2 classes conducted by Mr. Loi. He is a very strict teacher but the lessons were put together in a lively and encouraging environment and I try never to miss his Monday practices. Wednesday sessions by Mr. Hoo are very informative and he patiently goes into explaining why the forms and mental state are important during practice. On Thursday, it's my greatest personal challenge to my strength, discipline and mental capability as I go through the 2 hours of grueling exercise by Ms Lim. My only wish was that I knew Qigong earlier.

Tina Lee / December 2009