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Course QI EXCHANGE (In English)
Start Date 22-Nov-17
Day Wednesdays
Duration 8 Lessons  
Teacher Mr Loi KF
Fees $100 (course) & $15 (membership)

Course QI EXCHANGE (In Chinese)
Start Date 08-Dec-17
Day Fridays
Duration 8 Lessons  
Teacher Mr Chong Kang Ming
Fees $100 (course) & $15 (membership)

Members' Event

with Hu HongXing Laoshi
01 to 03 December 2017

We are happy to announce that Hu HongXing Laoshi will be leading at our 3-day workshop in Singapore! This is an excellent opportunity to learn and benefit from Hu Laoshi, a highly experienced and familiar China Zhineng Qigong teacher who specialises in qi healing using his unique method.  Do not miss out this opportunity. This event is hosted in Singapore for members’ convenience!


01 to 03 December 2017 (Friday to Sunday)


9.00 am to 6.00 pm


Level 3, Hotel Royal, Newton Rd, Singapore


Upgraded Intensive Module 1, Meditation Practice and Enhanced Qi Emission

Hu Laoshi will lead us in the insightful explanations and group practice of Module1, Standing meditation and supplementary techniques, focussing on mental concentration and qi circulation. He will share qigong techniques for health cultivation and help us unleash our ability to self-heal and heal others.  In addition, he will conduct qi healing therapy or ‘tiao qi’ for members at the end of each day using his unique 2-finger qi application method developed from his years of training and teaching qigong.  The program seeks to improve our health and well-being through calm and relaxed practice of Qi Exchange and Meditation using useful techniques guided by Hu Laoshi.


S$460 (3-day workshop, daily lunch & tea-breaks)

Closing Date:

15 November 2017