Welcome to Zhineng Qigong Society! 智能气功协会欢迎您 !

The Zhineng Qigong Society in Singapore is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Zhineng Qigong so that all practitioners can enjoy a better life through the healing and developmental powers of Qi.

Learn more about Zhineng Qigong from our Introduction / 中文简介page.

Latest Happenings


Start date  :    Friday 11 May 2018
Time         :    8 pm to 10 pm
Place        :    Society premise
Teacher    :    Mr Chong
Fees         :    $140 for course & $15 Membership
Duration    :    10 lessons

ZHINENG QIGONG WORKSHOP coming to you 1-3 September 2018!!

Mark your calender for the 3-day Qigong Workshop led by China Teacher Zhang Ming Jie Laoshi.
Main focus is module 2, Body and Mind. Supplementary methods will include simplified moves of module 3.
Daily practices include Qi Exchange,Meditation and Qi healing. More details coming soon.